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Like your website with your cat pictures. Keep up the good work


yay yay yay :)
congrats on a successful drive! :)


Congrats to the winners! And wow - that's a lot of blankies.


Yay, I won! It's a gorgeous journal and I can't wait til it gets here. 91 blankets, that will keep a lot of kitties and puppies warm, Congratulations, Holly.


I am late reading this post (I have 23 of your posts to catch up on) but I wanted to say congratulations to all the winners, and how incredible it is to have 91 blankets to give to the animals. It thrills me to think that they will have something to call their very own, until they find their new families. Thank you, Holly, for organizing this!!

Carrie K

Wow. That's just wonderful.

And the story below about Creepy on the Trail and his Dogs? CREEPY! I'd've run myself bloody too, but dang. I hope they heeled! I mean, healed. ;)

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