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Ok, EEEEEEWWWW!!! Not what I wanted to see right after breakfast! I hope it doesn't bother your for too long!!


Ew! Not gross ew, because that doesn't bother me, but ew that you have to deal with it. I just got over the nasty blister from you-know-where that I thought was the worst on the planet...until I saw the results of what yours did to your shoe. Also, I love Nikes. Mine are the best!

And ew, PERVERTED MAN WALKING! I used to work at McDonald's when I was in college and working the drive thru one night this man came through with terry cloth shorts on. The short kind. I only noticed because of the way he gave me his money for his order. Then I saw it. By "it" I mean IT. "IT" was sticking out the bottom of his too short terry cloth shorts (which is how I noticed they were terry cloth. It wasn't because I was looking!) So I hurried the man through then said OMG! THAT WAS SO DISGUSTING!! Everyone in the store heard about it, and a few days later another employee shared the same story, only this time HE HAD KIDS IN THE CAR! :( From then on, he was called The Weenie Man. He only came through one more time, unfortunately it was me in the drive thru again, and I saw it was him with IT sticking out again, HE DROPPED HIS MONEY (like I was interested in the show), I closed the window, walked away, laughing so hard I couldn't talk, because it made me so nervous I didn't know what else to do. Then the other manager on duty with me took over, called the police and reported his license plate number and he never came through our drive thru again.

LOL Sorry for the story in a comment. But I just had to share after reading about your experience.


i don't know how i missed this entry...
i'm so glad your parents picked you up!
GROSS WIERDO MAN! if i ever see him, i will make sure to go in the opposite direction. i'm so glad you are okay!
and um the blister???? GROSS too.
you should definitely stick to Nikes.
never stray from the Nikes. i think that is what your foot is trying to tell you...
no more running for you until that thing heals up all the way!!!

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