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I think it's quite attractive. Not at all schoolmarmish or dowdy.
Perhaps you need a new mirror.


I agree with Herredon. I think it is really cute. Maybe it is the angle that you were looking from? ;)


The photo makes it more attractive than perhaps you feel it is in person? THe color is great- if you decide to frog and repurpose for another sweater it will be great.

Carrie K

I think it's really cute too, but since its being mean to you - what's with sleeves this month? it deserves a dressing down.

kelpkim (aka kimchi)

dood, i understand about the futzing with patterns thingy...i'm burnt out with it too. i frogged a sweater/cardigan and i'm starting over. i'm goign to try my first EZ sweater pattern. fingers crossed...ek.

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