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Sounds like a fun time. Glad that you liked my suggestion. ;) Glad that you made it to and from the party safely.


Looks like you had a ton of fun!

Carrie K

Mary Jo used to live on Polk and ...Grant? Right outside Chinatown. A little creepy at night.

Sounds like you had fun! Going to the Castro tonight? I can't believe they're thinking of shutting down BART & the buses.

Secret Pal 11

So cute! I love the costumes! Nice that you were able to get out and have such a great time. I am so jealous that you have a whole week off! :)


Fallen angel, huh? You look lovely, and it looks like you had fun! It's hard to imagine taking a cab 4 blocks, but I've heard about the Tenderloin and I know there are neighborhoods here in which I'd do the same thing.


I think the Angel of Death IS a Fallen Angel!
You looked lovely and it looks like you both had a fun time!
Great costumes, you get an A! :)

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