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I hated having to go to the laundromat. We actually had a washer and dryer at the time. I had to wait for the hubster to hook it all up. After so long I decided that he had to go to the laundromat and he finally hooked them up for me. All that waisted money put into those nasty machines while we had 2 perfectly good, brand new machines sitting at home. Such a waste, but I have my washer and dryer now.

I hope your dream comes true soon. It is a smart move having someone else do the laundry.


I know exactly what you mean!! I used to live in the TenderNob when I first moved there and I had to go up hill with my laundry to go to a laundry mat. If I went down to the Tenderloin...you know. But It was a trek. Thank god I have a washer/dryer now. Good luck with your San Fran adventures!!!


Maybe you can get an apartment sized washer/dryer combo. It fits perfectly in a closet. I remember the days of slepping to the laundromat. I guess it's a rite of passage.

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