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Very pretty! I liked the original color, but the new one is just *gorgeous*! Hedera will be a good pattern for them, I hope you have fun knitting it!


Wow that turned out great! They will look awesome, I'm sure.


Oh, my! Not only is Annabel Lee the perfect name, but it is the perfect color! So gorgeous. And, personally, I like that it isn't as black as some of the BMFA yarns. I think a few of them look too much alike--there's not enough of the original color peeking through.
p.s. I have finally found what I think is the perfect project for the Aleutian colorway Merino you gifted me waaaay back when--a new self-designed sock! We'll know in a day or two if it's going to work out how I've planned. Keep your fingers crossed! :)


That yarn came out beautifully! So much so, in fact, that I dreamed about doing the same thing to some a-little-too-bright lime green Calmer when I went to bed last night. So lame. :)

How's the book club you started going?


Wow. That IS a gorgeous colour.

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