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Carrie K

Deferred but not too late!

Hmm. I can't think of any unfulfilled dreams. That's either a good thing or I've given the dreams up so thoroughly they're suppressed.

More likely I've usually managed to do what I want to do.

And your poor feet! Crossing fingers for you on the new job!


Mine are mostly to do with travel, too - for example, I'd love to take a biking tour across Spain. I defer dreams through lethargy and depression...


I have travel dreams as well that have been deferred...the latest being that my nice hefty Ireland fund getting used to buy my almost 16 year old her first car. (but hey i guess it was better than having to finance,) so that fund is at the very beginning again. I turned down oportunities to travel and even worked for the airlines and did not get to go overseas due to family commitments.
Another one is going back to school to take those fun classes you didn't get to take the first time around. The ones that had nothing to do with your major.
The pollen is flying! I had to wash the jeep the other day it was so gross!


This may sound way over dramatic (and trust me when I say that I don't mean for it to be) but I used to sabotage my happiness. I felt that I couldn't be truly happy - I felt guilty that maybe I didn't deserve it. I always put way too much pressure on myself and would sometimes make my goal unattainable just so I couldn't be happy and say "See, it didn't work out." Don't know where that came from but I am nipping that in the bud. Now I try to have simple, yet rewarding, goals and enjoy the journey to any particular goal while meeting interesting people along the way.

On the other hand, I have no issues with traveling and setting plans in motion to travel. I've been to Thailand, France (well, just Paris) and Spain. I hope to be in New Zealand in 2009 and I hope to see lots of little places between here and there. No travel destination is too close or too far away, in my opinion. I had a friend who used to tell me, "You either have the time or the money but never both. You just have to do it." And she's right.


Well my dream was always to be a stunning super model with fame and fortune traveling all over the world. Definately had to defer that .... and the fact that I only ended up 5'1" probably helped keep it side tracked ......


I was a dance major but went into the Army for college money. In basic training they gave me boots a size too small and said they'd stretch. They caused nerve damage ending my toe shoe days. Irony of my life.

It's still been an amazing life, just no longer on stage!


Happily, my husband and I have always tended to pursue whatever dream we had at the moment. (Yay for a life well lived!) But that doesn't mean that I don't still have dreams, albeit not wildly exciting ones -- a cruise up the inland passage to Alaska (we are thinking of that for our 35th anniversary next year), a tour of major European art capitals (I was an art history major in a former life, but I have never been to France or Italy), grandchildren (that one is up to our two boys, neither of whom is old enough to entertain thoughts of children -- DH and I were too busy pursuing our other dreams during the first 10 years of our marriage to think of children, either), finishing the whole-house remodel we started several years ago.

btw, I have been to South Africa (#1 son spent his semester abroad there) and there is a lot more to that country than just the wine-growing area. That bit is remarkably like California.

If you do go, also go to Robben Island, the prison in Cape Bay where Nelson Mandela was held for ~18 years, and tour a township. (Check out the Lonely Planet guide for listings.) Go to at least one animal park so see zebra and elephants and buffalo and lions and rhino in their [more or less] natural habitat. Do not venture into the interior without reputable guides -- we happened to turn onto a gravel road that would have been a shorter route than the major highway we were on, and #1 son, normally a laconic and fearless 21-yo, practically panicked until we got ourselves back onto the highway.


I'm a student, so I'm pressing pause on quite a few dreams. I abandoned my dream of being the next Spielberg but maybe I'll be able to do science documentaries at some point :) And I second the travelling! I really wish I could go to more places. I've been to Germany 12 times but otherwise I've only been to England, Manitoba and Florida. That's about it. Pitiful!

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