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The Sparrow is an amazing book, isn't it? I thought of pioneers coming across aboriginal peoples, with horrible results because they couldn't understand each other, coming from utterly different assumptions of beauty, kindness, hospitality. (Granted, most pioneers didn't have such good intentions in those situations!) Now I think of how the West is viewing Islam, assuming that Muslims in general are not like Westerners, and therefore do not have the same values: family, security, etc. Tragic.

"Children of Man" was stunning. What can one say? At least the horror was (for a time) broken up by Michael Caine's twinkling performance. The movie should be required for anyone who doubts that what we do today can hurt us - not only in the long run.

Carrie K

I have to see Children of Men, partly becaus of the story, but mostly because of Clive Owen.

My brother misses the Ethiopian/Eritrean food horribly. His last visit out, every one we stopped at was closed. Bad timing.


Let me just say you have my complete sympathies on the sinus issue. Mine have gotten pretty miserable in the last few years. I can manage most times with ibuprofen, my hot steam humidifier, or a hot shower, but once in a while the migraine-like headache takes over, and I hate being stopped in my tracks from the pain. Argh! I hope you feel better soon. Also wanted to let you know I did a post tonight and mentioned the charity KAL. I'll put up a button too if/when you have one. Keep us posted on how things are going!


the knitting occurs when meredith takes a vow of celibacy and tries to replace men with knitting - it's one key episode where they make a sweater in a day!!!! izzy knits a sweater for denny then wears it a lot. i love izzy. the knitting will happen :)

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