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What a great idea!! You have to figure out who I am so I can brag on my blog (not that I get all that many hits...) Oh, want another hint? I was in the (first) warshrag swap.

Dipsy D.

What a fantastic idea this is - I'll definitely spread the word about it!


I posted a link on my blog - I'm no "Glampyre" but maybe a few people will see it & click on over here. I'm looking forward to buying some acrylic colors that are fun, but that I would NEVER wear. Yay. :)


i'll put a link up as well!
My poochie, Fanny, is going to help out too--she is a shelter doggy so i know she heartily approves this project! :o)ruff ruff!


Rebekah told me about this - I'll mention it on my blog tomorrow!


What a great idea - passing on our talents!

Knit on!


Hey Holly, just posted about your drive in my blog. Like others have mentioned I'm not a hit monster like the Yarn Harlot but I do get a handful of readers. I'm going to check out the patterns, they sound simple enough.

Thanks for the compliment on my little boy's smile over at my blog. Smiles are so much fun.


Saw the post on Rebekah's blog and had to visit. My condolences to you on the loss of your dear kitty. We've had a rough week with ours and thought we might lose him. Thankfully he is turning the corner. I'll be happy to knit something for you, and post a note on my blog sometime this weekend. Do you have a charity button we can put up?

Have a good weekend!


I second the need for a button. Also what about having the drive listed on the 2007 Knit A Longs and Swap site.


Have a great weekend.

Holly of HollYarns

Okay, knitterly friends, so the embarrassing thing is...I DON'T KNOW how to make buttons! I am inept when it comes to buttons. Perhaps, I'll be able to convince Elaine of kimchicrafts.com to make one when I see her this Sunday or I'll work hard(er) to figure it out this weekend!

And I'll definitely post it on the "big" list that Karen has mentioned.

Thank you all for your comments, postings, and linkings!

Carrie K

Oh, I have to do this. Being local and all and a good cause and such a sweet thing in honor of Cyrano. I don't know how to make buttons either, but if someone does make one for you, I'll post it on my site.


okay i will definitely take some time this weekend to make a button! i'll try to incorporate a picture of Cyrano but the button might be too small for that. i'll keep you updated. thanks! :o)
happy friday!!!


I am FINALLY working on my critter comforter! Will you please send me the address I should send it to? Thanks!!

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