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Oh, my gosh--that irritated nerve from your sinus infection sounds terrible. I really hope the meds help--'cause you've got to do something with that gorgeous Koigu! :) I'm an addict, too. So lovely.
Feel better soon. :)


Owwie! I hope you are feeling better soon. Face pain is the worst. Lovely Koigu -- you have one great sock-ret pal!



Hope you feel better soon. Sinus pain is the worst.

hPNY Knits

what great colors! get better soon, so you can enjoy your yarn!

Carrie K

Pretty yarn!

Eek on the sinus infection! My mom had a doozy when she was pregnant with me, those things are hideous.


I hope you're feeling much better today! The Koigu looks lovely, I hope you're able to figure out something fun to make with it :-)


(((hugs))) I hope you are feeling better today. I can't imagine the pain you were in. Drink some tea and rest, rest, rest.

God, that's some gorgeous yarn.


hi there!
ooohhhh that KOIGU looks sooooo nice!
nice warm colors and squishiness to boot! :o)

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