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The jealousy is eating away at my knitting stash...
What a great package!


Well, that is an AWESOME gifty!!! And that book ROCKS! I LOVED that book!! My mother in law loaned it to me (she got it for a buck at Barnes n Noble!) and I couldn't put it down!

Hope all is going well with you, the kitties and Jon :)

Carrie K

Wow, that is one wonderful swap package!

Your interior dialog while running is cracking me up. Sue and I had a similar (spoken) dialog when I was her training partner for her century cyclings (like 10 years ago, I bet I couldn't bike to the top of my street nowadays.) That was the first time I realized that 40 miles on a bike in a day was really nothing. We're so car centric.

Poor Zoe. At the mercy of the photographer. I unearthed my blanket stash last week so I'll be getting those to you around June-ish.


Holy cow--look at all that yarn! :)


What a cool package!!!

I enjoy your slrog comments. My mind has those types of conversations too, LOL!

Zoe is adorable and curvy is in, tell her!


Wow, that's an awesome package! Enjoy it all :-)

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