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haha - good luck with the move! whenever I'm home & I start knitting, my mom is like "are you bored? do you want to go to a movie? I need to entertain you." sometimes.... she exhausts me but I love her. :)


Wow. Don't know if I could do it...
Good Luck!


Ummm... Have fun? Actually if that was all you come up with for cons, it sounds pretty good with the ciggy smoke being the major drawback. Heck the long drive to the LYS just makes it an outing!


Wow! It's great you have that you and the kitties have that option. You can spend some time with your parents and get back to nature. The summer will go by fast, lots of time to knit, train and work on the thesis proposal.

Then it will be Love Dove Time in the fall!


Wow!~ Think of all the running and knitting you'll get done!!!!!!


I don't think I'd last a week if I moved back home! Are you really going to be sleeping in a tent all summer?


Whoa! Got a big tent? You'll holler if you need supplies, right? (Books, yarn, chocolate ...)

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