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I knit the Mason-Dixon warshcloth over, and over, and over... it makes a lovely gift, it's easy, and it's just great fun to play with all of the colors.

(that is one of the cutest dishrags I have ever seen!)


I have knit several of Mandy's Candy Bags. They are great gifts for kids and I had kids around who needed gifts. They are also pretty easy to knit up and I think they end up looking so cute. :)


I have made the Black Sheep Booga bag multiple times. My husband uses them as part of a reward program for his Varsity Volleyball program.

Jenna Z

Ooh, I came here via http://barknknit.blogspot.com/. I have made so many of these catnip mice I've lost count:

I make them as presents for all the cats I know, of course! And our cat looses them constantly.


I think I have knit six pairs of Knitty's Fuzzy Feet. Two pair were for me (first one wore through) and the rest were gifts for family and friends. It's a really quick, simple pattern, but easily the most useful thing I have knit since my feet are cold all the time. These are warmer than socks and stay on while I'm sleeping.

Jen C.

the only pattern i've knitted twice was shedir from knitty. the cables are so beautiful and i love working with calmer.


I love a Cable! but I hate (strong I know) but i do...hate making them with that separate needle. So I make Illussion Cables...the pattern that I found initially called for a 10sts repeat cable but I've done it so much that now I can make a small cable with the same technique.

When I did it the first time it took me til the third repeat for it to become mindless (I was making a 6ft scarf so 3 repeat was 5in)


That is the cutest dishcloth ever!

Jaywalkers are one of my favorite repeat patterns. Also the Little Rune Socks that I wrote for my Neatnik (on my blog).


I often knit a version of the cable and rib socks. It usually has k2, p2, k4, p2 repeat with a cable every so many rows (4, 6 or 8) on the k4 section. I also use a fairly thin sock yarn and needles so that I can have 60 sts all together as it makes keeping track of the sts easier (3 needles, 10 sts on each needle). I think that there was something like this in Interweave Knits a few years ago. But it's very simple when you know how to knit a basic sock, but interesting enough that you don't get board stiff with stst.

Carrie K

That's the cutest dishcloth!

The only pattern I've knit over and over is the Garterlac Dishcloth by Criminy Jickets, both because it's a great dishcloth and becaus I actually get requests for it. Well that and the Gingerbread Castle one, but that's not happening again.

Nightowl Knitter

I've knit three entrelac scarves - twice using Noro Silk Garden Lite, and once using Nashua Wooly Stripes. I taught myself to knit "backwards" so that I don't have to flip back and forth for each row. I love knitting entrelac in wool with long colorways. Watching the pattern develop and the colors flow is addictive. I just keep knitting to see what will happen next. This is pretty close to mindless knitting, but fun.


I've knit the Wonderful Wallaby five times now - once for a friend's son and the other four for my kids. As for why I've knit it so many times - those dang kids keep growing! They love the sweaters and wear them a ton, as well.


I've made several things twice, but the things I've knit over and over again are dishcloths - specifically the Mason-Dixon ball band dishcloth and the traditional diagonal-garter-stitch dishcloth. I make them because somebody always appreciates them and they're mindless enough to do a few rows at the end of every day.


Ummmm sadly I don't have a pattern that I have knit over and over again.


That is a really clever dishcloth!

The pattern that I've most memorably knit multiple times is the MDK baby bib from kitchen cotton - I think I've knit over 20 times by now. The reason? It's a fast knit, inexpensive... and people seem more likely to actually use a knit bib than a sweater or something like that.


I have knit Susan Lawrence's Forest Canopy Shawl several times. It uses fingering weight yarn and is an easy pattern to do. I have given away 2 of the shawls and am now making 1 for myself.


I keep knitting the Little Arrowhead Lace Socks by Nancy Bush (free on her website) over and over - it's perfect for varigated or solid yarn and it's just so warm and fuzzy.


The only pattern I've knit more than once is Ann Norling's fruit cap pattern. Parents never seem to tire of their little darlings turning into pumpkin heads.

I found you through http://www.stumblingoverchaos.com


Baby booties. Seems like I just get some done and BAM! a whole new bunch of friends turn up 'with child'. I find myself saying
"gotta make the booties" over and over.I came over here from Stumbling over Chaos.


When I'm doing gift knitting, I tend to make repeats. So my son's preschool teachers all got Fetchings last year, and this year, I'll be making 10 pairs of Fetchings for my co-workers.

(I came from Stumbling over Chaos too.)


Monkey socks (by Cookie A., from Knitty). I have no idea why, but these things are like crack and I'm helplessly addicted. They are a good, quick, fun sock that practically knits itself, and seems to work with just about any sock yarn you've got!

(another guest brought to you by Stumbling Over Chaos!)


Jaywalkers, they are simple enough to knit anywhere but have enough interest to keep you going. And they really make the yarn look good.


I have knit the Wonderful Wallaby 7, count 'em, SEVEN times. 2 of them were adult ones and that is one HELL of alot of stockinette stitch I tell you!! AND they were XL!!
The colour of that yarn is absolutely breathtaking...can you tell I would love it?
Happy Knitting...


I Stumbled Through the Chaos to get here...

I am currently knitting pair #4 of the Fetching fingerless mitts. They only require about 100 yards of an aran weight (original done in Debbie Bliss Casmerino.) These are so easy, in spite of the cable (and the how-to explanation in the pattern is good) and they look great on. This particular pair is for my son's gf...

Jen in CT

Hi! I found you through Stumbling Over Chaos and I am definitely going to mention you on my blog!

I've knit the 3 cable dishcloth from the yahoo monthly dishcloth group many many times. It's fun, easy, and makes a really great cloth. :-)

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