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Carrie K

I've still got Their Eyes Were Watching God on my TBR shelves.

"Buying into the Ikea life?" What does that mean? (Other than clearly I haven't read the book or seen the movie).


That quote is absolutely gorgeous. I wish I could capture my life in words that way.

I went on a huge Chuck Palahniuk kick somewhere around my sophomore or junior year of college. Really enjoyed them at the time. I almost want to revisit them to see if they're still as appealing as they were back when I was breaking out of the mold I'd been set in growing up.


I read Lullaby and Haunted by Palahniuk last year sometime (he's from Portland). I am really intrigued by his style and ballsy completely-out-there frankness. Even though I sometimes feel like I should read through squinted eyes (like watching scary movies as a kid), I enjoy them nonetheless. :)

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